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Made in a blend of full-grain leather with premium suede detailing, this version of the ECCO SOFT X Lace-up Sneaker has a street-style look that is on-trend and entirely comfortable. It has padding at the collar for extra cushioning and subtle notches in the sole, while the eyelets and the mudguard area feature a wavy, suede panel for dimension and texture. These will easily become a regular part of your spring and summer shoe rotation.

  • Crafted from a mix of full-grain leather, made in our own tanneries, and premium suede detailing
  • Textile lining offers softness and breathability
  • Extra padding along the collar provides added cushioning
  • Lightweight, slightly notched sole provides a sleek look, plus cushioning and flexibility, using innovative ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology
  • Unique and leather overlays lend character and texture
  • Removable, leather-covered insole for added comfort

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尺寸指南 - 男士

在 ECCO,我們致力於讓您的網上購物體驗盡可能地簡單。確保您訂購正確尺寸的最佳方法是測量您的腳,然後與下面的尺寸圖比較,以找到適當的尺寸。請按照這 4 個簡單的步驟以準確測量您的腳:

  • 用以測量腳跟到腳趾的工具只需一張紙、一支鉛筆和一把尺子。

  • 將紙張沿著地板放在靠牆的位置。將腳跟靠在牆上。

  • 在紙張上標記雙腳最長的部分。對另一只腳重複上述步驟。

  • 測量每個標記的長度,然後比較尺寸圖表。 最長的足部將決定鞋碼。


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